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 Joseph H. Berke MD, FRSM, F&DipAmerBMPsych, Founder&Director (Retired) Arbours Crisis Centre, London. 

'I am pleased to recommend Dr. Matthew Rosen-Marsh for Clinical Assessments and extended psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Dr. Rosen-Marsh has been working extensively  in the NHS for many years and now intends to expand his work into private practice. Ths includes therapeutic interventions with clients who because of time limitations, and cost, would not be covered by the NHS.'

Dr Joanna Curwen, Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

'It was a real pleasure to work with Dr Rosen-Marsh. His therapeutic approach is very holistic and person-centred, really holding the client in mind at all times. I was really impressed by how thoughtful and comprehensive his formulations were, showing how much care and attention he gives to his clients. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a therapist.'

Dr Boris Savic, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor

'Matthew’s approach to understanding mental wellbeing encompasses an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of different therapeutic approaches combined with the considerable experience he has accumulated in providing psychological interventions through a variety of services.

I was often amazed by his attention to detail when formulating psychological distress, and by his ability to go beyond obvious presenting problems to look for a multifaceted meaning in how people relate to themselves and others. He stimulated my curiosity about various meditation practices, including those from the Qi Gong mind-body tradition, and he would readily share his considerable experience of practicing meditation.In addition to being a reliable and meticulous professional, Dr Rosen-Marsh is a warm and caring person committed to helping others.'

Amaranatho Robey, Mindfulness basd executive coach, Former Buddhist monk of 15 years

'I have known Matthew for over decade. Has been a organizer of my men mindfulness retreats and recently in helping me facilitate them. He was able to be with difficult and strong emotions, whilst staying balanced and attentive to what was going on. He brings his years of academic work in practical ways to help clients understand what is happening, whilst capable of holding existential questions.'


Client Testimonials

FC, Producer 

 I feel much more confident and in control. I do occasionally have down days but I find that now it rarely lasts past the morning and have a toolkit and practices I can use to help with that. Most importantly I feel like I’m able to treat my mental health more sustainably, instead of looking for the quick fix I’m treating it more as that it’s hear for the long haul and best not to dwell too much upon that, instead go with it. So thank you, for creating a space for conversations and teaching around all of this.

TF, Company Director

I sought Matthew's support in navigating a period where I no longer felt able to deal with a number of setbacks on my own.   Matthew was empathetic and analytical, and his experience and knowledge was evident in the clarity provided, and the way that he shaped the parameters for our future sessions.   I had not sought or experienced psychotherapy before, and through our initial correspondence and subsequent conversations Matthew provided clarity on process, expectations and outcomes.   I have regained my sense of calm and positivity, and I have a confidence once again in my personal strength to cope with adversity.


My Approach
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