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Dr Matthew Rosen-Marsh

Clinical Psychologist (HCPC Registered)

My name is Dr Matthew Rosen-Marsh and I am a Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Clinical Psychologist with thirteen years experience of working in the NHS.  

I have experience working with a range of problems including, depression, anxiety, complex trauma, psychosis, stress and bipolar disorder.  I have worked with children, adults, older people and people with learning disabilities both individually and in groups.    

About Me

Like everyone I have had ups and downs in life.  I have always been interested in people and travel.  After university,I worked as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Spain and Brazil and then as a Travel Guide in Africa.  On my return to the UK I volunteered and then worked in a Richmond Fellowship Therapeutic Community.  Unfortunately I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and struggled with health, career and living situation.  However this was also a rich period of inner exploration and of discovering meditation, wilderness and different healing modalities.  Eventually I decided to be train in Clinical Psychology because I realised that was the career I felt most enthused by.  


I have many years experience of being in personal and group therapy.  I am an experienced meditator and completed a 100 day silent retreat at Gaia House in Devon some years ago.  I have a wide interest in spiritual and healing practices including Qi Gong, the Jungian archetypes and rites of passage work.  As I have grown older I have explored my Jewish background more and am quite involved in the local Jewish community.  To relax I like to read, lift weights and climb at the local climbing wall.  


Contact Me

Dr Matthew Rosen-Marsh


HQ Therapy Rooms


322C (Ground Floor) Kingsland Rd


London E8 4DE

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